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    Taxi! Taxi!

    Lady cab driver, can U take me 4 a ride?
    Don't know where I'm goin'
    Cuz I don't know where I've been
    So put your foot on the gas, let's drive

    Lady, don't ask questions
    I promise I'll tell U no lies
    Trouble winds are blowin', I'm growin' cold
    Get me outta here, I feel I'm gonna die

    Lady cab driver
    Roll up your window fast
    Lately trouble winds are blowin' hard
    And I don't know if I can last

    Lady, I'm so lonely
    I know that's not the way 2 be
    Don't want isolation, but the air, it makes me cold
    Drive it, baby, drive it, drive this demon out of me

    Take me 2 your mansion
    Honey, let's go everywhere
    Help me girl, I'm drownin', mass confusion in my head
    Will U accept my tears 2 pay the fare?



    Lady cab driver, can U take me 4 a ride? (Hey, that?s my taxi)


    This is 4 the cab U have 2 drive 4 no money at all
    This is 4 why I wasn't born like my brother, handsome and tall
    This is 4 politicians who are bored and believe in war
    And this... mmm, yeah, that's 4 me, that's who that one's 4
    This is 4 discrimination and egotists who think supreme
    And this is 4 whoever taught U how 2 kiss in designer jeans
    Uhh! That one's 4, that one?s 4 where U have 2 live
    This one's 4 the rich - not all of 'em, just the greedy
    The ones that don't know how 2 give
    This one's 4 Yosemite Sam and the tourists at Disneyland
    This one... ooh, yeah, that's the one
    That's 4, that's 4 the creator of man
    This is 4 the sun, moon, stars, tourists at Disneyland
    This is 4 the ocean, the sea, the shore
    This is 4... and that's 4 U, that's who that one's 4
    This is 4 the women so beautifully complex
    This one's 4 love without sex
    This is 4 the wind that blows no matter how fast or slow
    Not knowing where I'm going is galaxies better
    Than not having a place 2 go
    Now I know (Now I know)

    Lady cab driver {x7}

    (Hey, that?s my taxi)

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