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    {"Alphabet St." segue}
    He liked 2 frequent this club down up on 36th
    Pimps and thangs like 2 hang outside and cuss 4 kicks (Did U see that?)
    Talking 2 no one in particular, they say - "The baddest I am 2night"
    4 letter words are seldom heard with such dignity and bite
    All the poets and the part-time singers always hang inside
    Live music from a band plays a song called "Soul Psychodelicide"
    The song's a year long and had been playing 4 months
    When he walked into the place
    No one seemed 2 care
    An introverted, "This is it," look on most of their faces
    Up on the mic repeating 2 words over and over again
    Was this woman he had never noticed before
    He lost himself in the articulated manner in which she said them
    These 2 words - a little bit behind the beat
    I mean just enough 2 turn U on
    4 every time she said the words
    Another one of his doubts were gone
    Should he try 2 rap 2 her?
    Should he stand and stare?
    No one else was watching her
    She didn't seem 2 care
    So over and over she said the words
    Till he could take no more (No more)
    He dragged her from the stage
    And 2gether they ran through the back door
    In the alley over by the curb he said - "Tell me, what's your name?"
    She only said the words again and it started 2 rain (Rain, rain, rain)
    2 words falling between the drops and the moans of his condition
    Holding someone is truly believing that there's joy in repetition
    There's joy in repetition {x4}
    She said - "Love me, love me"
    What she say? She said - "Love me, love me"
    Joy in repetition {repeat till end}
    Why don't U love me, baby?
    Why can't U love me, baby?
    Come on and love me, baby
    Alright {x3}
    All my wishes add up 2 one
    Love me {repeat}
    I wanna say it again
    I think I wanna say it again
    I'd like 2 go way up high and say - "Love me"
    Ha ha, I'll say - "Love me"
    "Love me"
    There's joy in repetition

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