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    Call, call my name
    Call it, call my name

    Eye heard Ur voice this morning
    Calling gout my name
    It had been so long since Eye heard it
    That it didn't sound quite the same

    But it let me know that my name
    Had never really been spoken b4
    B4 the day Eye carried U
    Thru the bridal path door

    Ever since that day Eye haven't wanted anyone but U
    And anybody who really knows me knows the truth

    Eye just can't stop writing songs about U
    Eye love U so much
    Eye just can't wait 2 get my arms around U
    And feel Ur touch
    If eye don't c U real soon babygirl
    Eye might go insane
    Eye know it's only been three hours
    But Eye love it when U
    Call my name

    Eye heard a voice on the news sayin'
    People want 2 stop the war
    But if they had a love as sweet as U,
    They'd 4get what they were fighting 4
    What's the matter with the world 2day?
    Land of the free? Somebody lied!
    They can bug my phone
    Peep around my home
    They'll only c U and me
    Making love inside


    Eye've never seen the moon look so lovely
    As the night Eye saw it with U
    It let me know Eye'd never seen
    The moon b4
    So many speak of the moon
    As though it had no flaws
    But 2 compare it 2 a beauty like Urs
    Would give one pause

    Nothing about U is false,
    That's why Ur love is real
    God forbid U belonged 2 another
    Eye'd have 2 steal ya...
    Take U from Ur man
    Eye might be tempted 2 break the law
    Around here
    Because Ur beauty - it gives one pause
    It slows me down


    Call, call my name
    Call, call my name

    "Prince", that's right

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