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    Serve it up, Frankie

    This is precisely what I intend 2 do, honey
    Honey, do U know I let Robert cut my hair this morning?
    (Honey, look at this one here) (I'm lookin' Joe tryin' 2 see)
    Oh girl, where'd U get those shoes?
    U know he had me lookin' so bad (Honey, she's so free)
    I'm so tired
    These are "come-and-fuck-me" pumps (Who, Robert?)
    Maurice thinks? (Mm, I think that's right, honey)
    Go on up 2 her, say something
    Maurice, what, what can I serve U? (U mean he's male?)
    Baby, I swear 2 God if U don't kiss 'em
    I'm gonna kick your super natural ass!
    Frankie, play something, bitch! (Squirrel Meat!)
    Uh! Don't try it!

    Cat, what's happenin' babe? (Bitch, would U play something?)
    Get outta my face! (Honey, it's not that type of party)
    (Talk 2 me, talk 2 me ? do U remember me?)
    What cha mean? (Honey, he could teach U the answer 2 life)
    Honey, U see these pumps? (Bitch!)
    (Answer? Honey, U ain't gonna quit)
    I wanna, I wanna? (Who U callin' bitch? Ho bitch!)
    I want U 2 meet some friends of mine (Bitch!)
    (Frankie, play somethin' ? shit!)
    (Who U callin' ho bitch? Black ho bitch!)
    No, no - U'll like them
    They're, they're musicians

    2 nigs united 4 West Compton {x2}
    © 1994 Controversy Music - ASCAP

    Rockhard In A Funky Place

    Does anybody know U're here?
    This house of ill-repute (Ooh honey, I'm scared of U)
    Tryin' 2 deal with all your fears
    I guess this is what U get 4 being cute (Cute, cute)

    Soaked in banana cologne
    No wonder U're all alone
    It's written all over your face
    U're just a rockhard in a funky place

    Rockhard in a funky place

    Here comes a lady so U cover up
    She's a freak hot funky electric mama with double cups
    (OK now, come on, come on, girl - let's see, come on)
    See, U? U couldn't cop if U wanted 2
    Because something near your leg is haunting U
    Such a disgrace, U're a rockhard in a funky place (Ow!)

    Ha ha, y'all

    Rockhard in a funky place

    U was workin' on the line U could drop on her (Uh, uh)
    But U couldn't concentrate when your dick saw her (Uh, uh)
    Maybe if U cop a nut in the car (Maybe if U cop a nut in the car)
    Maybe U could think about playing guitar

    (Rock, rock) {repeat}
    Oh yeah {x3}

    Rockhard in a funky place

    All U're looking 4 is love
    Or a reason 2 believe there's a God above
    Pretty soon U'll get enough
    And head back 2 a life so tough

    I just hate 2 see an erection go 2 waste (Aaaah)
    I'm just a rockhard in a funky place
    Rockhard in a funky place
    Say it - rockhard in a funky place
    Rockhard in a funky place
    Oh, U rockhard in a funky place
    U rockhard in a funky place

    Say it, y'all
    (Rock, rock) {repeat 2 fade}
    We gotta go, y'all
    Tune in next week
    Same time, same boogie
    Rock hard
    Oh yeah, we will rock, y'all
    But until then keep your finger on the trigger
    That's the only way it'll get bigger

    What kind of fuck ending was that?

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