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    It's a bit like a trip, but you hit it with a slip of a tongue, like a whip, and we're sinking, it ain't
    cool to be cool, though you may think it a laudable tool of self evaluation, of ego cultivation, n' I'm
    rolling my eyes like the stones for the lies, is it really all about the size or just a simple vice...

    Oh, and it makes the news
    Oh, cos it sings the blues

    I feel the fire flare alight inside me
    Higher so I can see
    N' aspire to survive this fight in spite of
    Liars and travesty
    Oh fire

    Did you think that I'd blink, that I'd go and take the ink to your control, that I'd sell my soul, and
    does it ring any bells that it sells that we're living out of shells in a shotgun, if we couldn't shoot,
    we'd have to run, and finally the cerebral fantasy, better genes and machines, so we can die looking like
    we're teens, like snapshot scenes in smithereens...

    Oh, and the ones we choose
    Oh, witch hunting fools

    I feel the fire...

    Look there it is in the news again, yeah
    There it goes singing the blues again

    Fire flare alight inside me...

    Fire, return my joy cos I'm so
    Tired, tired of me
    Inspire the weary eyed to see the
    Ire and Irony
    Oh fire

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