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    Glance look stare
    the sparkle hits the darkness like lightning flashes
    when a storm is going on
    and I can hear the thunder
    it's my heart that's beating faster
    and out the blue everything seems brighter
    everything looks brighter
    and everything is actually lighter and brighter
    and what's left of my usually miserable self
    I feel like I was born today
    it seems like it's day one since long long time
    I feel alright!

    You're putting a rope between your heart and mine
    my blood runs cold as I walk on the line
    I won't fail if you show me the path
    I'll be the one who makes it I'll try and be tough
    wind blows rain falls over my face
    I walk the rope till I'm back to the base
    I'll be fighting for you as much as I can
    till I catch you till I touch you once again
    once again

    tightrope is my trade, I'm on the edge
    in the empty space I'll reach my goal again
    following the only rule I know to keep myself alive
    nothing is for granted in this time
    in this time... in this time... in this time...

    look at me I look back at you the sparkle in your eyes
    makes me feel so high
    you're smiling your self defence is falling
    tumbling down like an apple is touching the ground
    from the tree where it's sprouted
    that's how it is I feel anew
    I regenerate from the ash of my soul to burn again
    in the warmth of your body
    is it a dream or you're calling my name?
    Is it a dream or you want to be with me again?

    ma diciteme vuje che ce sta meglio d''e suonne
    'ngoppo 'a faccia 'e chesta terra?

    I'm calling your name
    will you ever stop my pain?
    I look at your face
    I wonder are you still the same?
    I feel like my soul is out in the cold and in the rain...

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