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    What's your car doing outside his house?
    It's 3 o'clock in the morning
    When you left me you promised there was no one else
    At least that was your story
    Well ok, I know I'm not perfect
    But what makes him so fucking cool?
    He's just another little punk like the rest of them
    The kid's just another tool

    I guess he's perfect for you/

    Why are you two alone at his house?
    You told me people would be over
    Then you lie right to my face
    You try to tell me you didn't drive over
    Well ok, I know that you're lyin'
    I saw your car with my very own eyes
    Why would you lie about something so stupid?
    Unless you've got something to hide
    I think you do

    I guess he's perfect for you/

    Don't try to explain, don't try to deny it
    I don't wanna hear anymore of your lyin'
    I can see the way you talk to him
    And that's enough to make me hate the kid
    So when you find out that he's a dick don't come crawling back

    Why are you always over at his house?
    What the hell do you do there?
    You're tellin' me that you don't mess around
    And I'm telling you that I really don't care
    Well ok, go have your fun
    Go out with Penny if it's what you gotta do
    But if you tell him that you love him
    Make sure he knows that you told me that too
    Yeah, you told me that too

    I guess he's perfect for you
    Thought I was perfect for you
    I guess he's perfect for you

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