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    You're doin' it again, you know
    Sometimes I don't even know who you are
    And I don't think you know how bad it hurts
    'Cause you don't have to see the scars
    If you knew how bad you made me feel
    You'd never do a thing like this again
    But if it's just a game you're playing
    I don't think I'll make it to the end
    I don't think I'd last that long
    Baby, I'm not that strong
    So if you care about me you've gotta stop acting this way

    Or I'm leavin' today
    I'll say goodbye to my favorite face
    Don't wanna go, but I just can't stay
    And be treated, I won't be treated this way

    At times I think I love you
    And at times I know I've finally found the one
    But it's times like this that make me feel
    The game of love has only just begun
    You know I'd never leave
    But making threats to you could be the only way
    I love everything about you
    But when I'm in doubt then something's gotta change

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