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    We'll be standing face to face, everybody in the place
    Says "I know they'll be happy"
    And as we walk back up the aisle I will turn to you and smile
    Cause I know we'll be happy
    And I will look to you and you will look to me
    A million thoughts race through my head
    But my smile is all you see
    And I will stand beside you, I'll hold your hand and say
    "You were worth the wait"
    Though I often stopped to ask God why
    I always knew that He was right
    When He told me to wait for you
    When I was weak and couldn't see the way
    I'd look ahead and see your face
    And God would always bring me through
    I had so many chances to throw it all away
    But I knew if I stayed strong I'd meet you someday
    I'd kneel and pray and I'd ask God to keep you safe
    Because I knew you were worth the wait
    It seemed so very hard sometimes, but you were always on my mind
    I couldn't bear to hurt you
    So grab my hand and hold on tight, we'll run together through the night
    Just you and I
    We'll be walking side by side, I'll be yours and you'll be mine
    And I know we'll be happy
    I made the choice to wait for you, you made the same decision too
    And I know we'll be happy
    We had so many chances to throw it all away
    But we both stayed strong and God brought our lives together that one day
    Now I kneel and pray and I thank God that you are safe
    You were worth the wait

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