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    The workers started at 6:30 in the morning
    They got up bright and early to fix the roof next door and
    Workers climbed, hammers chimed, pounding nails in double time
    Bang, bang, the nail guns rang out, they sang out, I woke up
    I combed my hair, walked downstairs, water running everywhere
    Just inside the kitchen door, puddles are forming on the floor
    Must have been the shower or the sink, something sprung a leak
    Grabbed my keys and stepped outside, got on my bike to take a ride
    Who cares about tomorrow
    When everything is going wrong today
    I guess I'm finally figuring out, it doesn't help to whine about it
    Ohh, I should have stayed in bed today
    At 41st and Harvard the rain started coming down
    I should have payed attention to the gray clouds hanging over town
    Finally found under an overhang, sat on my bike and watched it rain
    Soaked to the bone, I'm all alone, I groan, I'm still five miles from home

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