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    Who's gonna tell me when I'm ready
    To go out and do
    The things that I know
    You want me to do
    Who's gonna tell me when me when I'm old enough or smart enough
    Whatever makes the difference to you

    Maybe I'm not ready
    I'll live my life for you
    It dosen't matter what I gotta do
    I'll gladly give my life for you
    Cause I know that you love me and I'm so in love with you
    As long as you're with me and I'm with you
    Togther there aint nothin we cant' do

    Who's gonna tell me when I've fill the shoes
    That my heart tells me you want me to wear
    When will I know when I'm old enough or smart enough
    Does anybody really even care

    Maybe I'm not ready
    When will I be ready

    Father I love you
    And it's ok with me if you take my life and use it as you please
    I don't have a lot to offer you but this one thing I know is true
    If you're with me then I'm with you

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