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    I hear that on a date she'll make you wait
    'Cause she thinks it takes an hour to be fashionably late
    When sooner comes to later you will love her or you'll hate her
    But I can't imagine any guy would miss a chance to date her

    No rice, no dice, she won't think twice
    If she doesn't like the waiter then she won't be nice
    I could write myself a letter to persuade my friends I met her
    But I don't think they would fall for it, I think that they'd know better

    They woke up
    They spoke up
    They broke up on mobile telephones

    The game's the same but I'm afraid
    'Cause I don't know all the rules and never really learned to play
    I thought that I'd forgot her 'til I saw her in the water
    Then my heart seized and my car keys went down, down, down

    And as she swam away my mind replayed
    All the witty conversation I should have made
    So I'll cut her picture from the front page of the Sunday paper
    And attach her to my wall with a staple or I'll tape her

    She don't give half a chance to other guys
    If I had half a nerve I'd probably try

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