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    Four on the floor, knock on the door
    It's finally a quarter to eight and
    Looks like everybody's ready and waiting

    One of the guys, little beady eyes
    I guess he's feeling bad 'cause he can't go
    I said "I'm sorry bud, you've gotta stay home"

    Friday's gone and I'm feeling fine
    Saturday's been on my mind
    Sun comes up on yellow lines
    Through the gears and the road unwinds
    Friday night's been left behind me, don't remind me
    'Cause I never really wanted to be there
    It didn't matter that I was living for free there

    Seventy-five, down Skelly Drive
    I got a funny feeling I'm falling and
    I think that mother nature is calling

    Bike's running fine, since 1969
    I'd run it wide open but I'd hit a rail
    I don't really want to spend another night in jail

    Four on the floor, half dozen more
    Everybody stayed until morning
    Someone in the back room is snoring

    Downstairs outside, still black as night
    Sun is coming up in an hour or two
    I'm wide awake and wondering what to do

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