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    I'm loving every moment with you
    Like the times that we wasted all afternoon
    I liked it the most when you dressed up like a ghost
    And kissed me in your parents living room
    I'm loving every moment with you
    When you smile and you laugh just like you do
    If I could find a way I'd show you
    Just how wonderful life has been since I've known you
    I'm loving every moment with you
    And I realize I don't have a clue
    How could I live my life without you
    But I'm terrified that I'm about to
    I'm loving every moment with you
    And I've waited all along 'til I was sure I knew
    If I tell you that I love you I do
    I would never make a promise unless it was true
    It seems the hardest part of being apart
    Is the waking after dreaming you were in my arms
    And then I open eyes and I realize
    The only thing I'm holding is a memory in my heart
    It'll soon be six o'clock and I've gotta talk
    I'm hating every moment until you get home and you call
    I'll be all alone by the telephone waiting, waiting
    To hear you love me after all
    I'm loving every moment with you
    'Cause you're everything I don't want to lose
    I'll see you in a week or two
    Then maybe I can spend the rest of my life with you

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