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    How long has it been since I've been on a real date?
    If this continues I may never find a mate
    Well I'm not serious, so please don't get me wrong
    All I want's a date with you
    That's why I took the time to write this song

    Life is a blast and I am really having fun
    But things are always better when there's two instead of one
    I know God has a plan, His timing's never late
    But until He brings a girl along I guess that I'll just have to wait

    So come into my house
    And sit down on my couch
    My couch is made of orange vinyl
    Why don't you stay a while?
    I like to see you smile

    I don't believe it but my friends all say it's true
    They say you should sit back and let the women come to you
    I'm on the lookout but I haven't found her yet
    I'm an only lonely Romeo and I can't find my Juliet

    That's not the way this story ends
    This song is mostly just a joke
    I'll watch the want ads on TV
    I'll find a girl that's right for me
    I'll find a girl for me


    But if you are suspicious, if you are paranoid
    Just be forewanrned that these are traits that I try to avoid
    If you are sweet and caring, if you're successful too
    If you've got money in the bank
    Hey baby, I'm the man for you


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