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    I've been a tough man, I've been a hard man
    I've been a man who's been willing to start a
    Fight or three
    I've been a harsh man and
    I've been a "get things done" man
    And I've seen a lot of things man
    But now all I want is

    I want to be your man

    I've been a young man and I've been a foolish man
    I've been a proud man
    And worse than that I've been proud I am
    I've been a loved man and I've been a wanted man
    I've been a broken man but now all I want is

    I want to be wise as a serpent
    Gentle as a dove
    I want to be quick to listen
    And slow to speak above

    So now I'm giving to you everything I am
    I give you all that's in my hands
    I lay my body down
    And I'm giving you my heart

    Words by Paul Colman, Music by Paul Colman and Grant Norsworthy
    2003 Clayton Colman Music / ASCAP (adm. by The Copyright
    Company). All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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