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    Who do you say that I am?
    Am I the One or just a man?
    What does your heart say is true?
    How does your mind think it through?
    Is there peace in what you do?
    Are you the breath inside of me?
    Are you the light when I can't see?
    I'm on this road to find what's true
    Is my destination you?
    If you're still you will hear
    The Spirit's voice in your ear
    The storm will pass, the sky will clear
    Are you the voice inside my heart
    Telling me that I'm all right?
    Are you the blood inside these veins
    Flowing again and again?
    Are you Messiah Holy One?
    The promise of what was to come
    Are you the future and the past?
    Tell me I'm home at last
    Words and Music by Paul Colman
    2003 Clayton Colman Music  ASCAP
    (adm. by The Copyright Company).
    All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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