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    All alone in an evil dream I see myself up high
    And it's me over you with my arms spread open wide
    I try to run from the place I know that I can be set free
    Come away come away there's a sweet voice calling me
    To the killing tree

    I look around at all the faces who are passing me
    And I run try to fun with nails in my feet
    All the time I was building castles on a sandy beach
    Leading you leading you to a place I'd never been
    To the killing tree
    Come on

    I know what you're asking me and I don't wanna give
    'Cause it's safe and I know 'cause I've been here all these years
    All the precious pain I hold without it there is fear
    And I'm afraid when you say that you'll get me outta here
    To the killing tree
    Come on

    Come away to a place of healing

    So now I run to you and I move from night to day
    For to live I must die and there's still no other way
    I was alone in an evil dream but you took my place up high
    Now it's you over me with your arms spread wide
    On the killing tree
    Come on

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