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    Im trying to find my place in this great big world
    Well, Im trying to find some grace and some loving arms
    Well, I looked inside my heart and I found a vacant lot
    Can you tell me where to go when this love runs out?

    'Cause I'm digging in the dirt trying to fill this hole
    Put my spirit on a billboard saying
    Save my soul

    You got to save my soul
    Tell me where do I turn
    And what do I know?
    And who will save my soul?

    Gurus on the chat show saying "here is life"
    Movie stars and heroes say "I found myself"
    But we got to find each other before our time runs out
    Well I read the daily news and another war broke out

    I'm scratching on the wall like an angry mole
    Sent my letter to the paper saying
    Save my soul

    Words and Music by Paul Colman
    2003 Clayton Colman Music / ASCAP (adm. by The Copyright
    Company). All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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