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    Well you say your generation
    Learnt from all the past mistakes
    And you build your reputation
    On your passion to make them pay

    And you sing your revolution
    In the message of a song
    And though you try so hard to change them
    If they can't hear the words
    They can't sing along

    All my generation let's be the ones who see
    It takes one generation to bend on one knee
    And take responsibility
    Or we're just going to see it go on and on

    Well the words need re-definition
    And our minds they need to change
    We got to face the recognition
    If you want things to change
    You can't stay the same

    And the sons they need to father
    In a way they did not receive
    And the word of this revolution
    Is to give and not wait to receive

    Words and Music by Paul Colman
    2003 Clayton Colman Music / ASCAP (adm. by The Copyright
    Company). All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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