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    Here we are broken in two
    Here we stand, all our hope in you
    God of all the universe
    You sent us one who healed us
    Where we hurt

    And in the gathering you flow your
    Peace and love

    To make us one people
    One holy song
    Make us one people under the sun

    Unity we're praying for
    Some stand for peace but live a family war
    So reconcile with God and man
    Women, child our creator's plan

    And in the gathering the holy work is done

    Sweet communion, unconditional
    This reunion, forgiveness made us whole
    Real connection, harmony and home
    This restoration, you reunite the souls

    And in the gathering the healing has begun

    Words and Music by Paul Colman
    2003 Clayton Colman Music / ASCAP
    (adm. by The Copyright Company).
    All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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