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    Do you know how it feels
    To bow your head and kneel

    And feel you connected
    With something that's real?

    Do you know what I'm saying
    When I say that some people are praying
    To a God in Heaven
    But I wonder if they're listening?

    Gotta live it, I, I, I gotta live it!
    You say there is a God who loves the world
    If you believe it say I, I, I gotta live it!
    And let it show all around the world

    I hear people saying
    To all the people praying
    Come down to the valley
    Don't stay up on the mountain praying

    Live it and walk it and breathe it and talk it and dream it
    Receive it, you say that you believe it

    Words and Music by Paul Colman and Brent Milligan
    2003 Clayton Colman Music / ASCAP
    (adm. by The Copyright Company) /
    River Oaks Music / BMI (adm. by EMI Christian Music
    Publishing). All rights reserved. Used by permission.

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