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    Verse 1
    Come on, come on
    Its going to get crazy in the city
    ASkin God is he really coming back to get me
    or playing with yeaa
    And everything i ever learned as a child
    revalations the whole worlds going wild
    Lord come now yeaaa
    Got my pistol,got my bottle, got my warface
    and if the church is the only place i feel safe
    But i got faith and i mean real faith
    not Faith Evans im talking bout the faith that places you in heaven
    when i see the Lord i'ma bow down and shoot a bird at them devils cause its on
    it's on now
    when he comes
    no where to run
    on that day,
    the world gonna pay
    when he comes
    Verse 2.
    I can see Jesus in all white riding on a stallion like a night
    Ready to fight yea
    and im gonna to be right beside him
    got my a-k cocked right beside him
    behind him yeaaa
    nothing but thugs on the Lords side
    and i was sent to heaven where we reside
    ready to ride aint no mo nickles and dimes primetime
    captured for my savors blood yea the wine
    believe it now time to come to take over
    better watch ya lanuage son God's Jahovah
    and when it all over and i am acknowledge
    To show that i did it and did in college i followed
    my own, my own soul,the Lion of Judaaa
    Heavenly father
    I pray right now
    for everyone under the
    sound of my voice
    that they come to know you
    as Lord and Saviour in there lives
    help us Lord
    to understand that you are soon
    to come for your people
    and we won't have time to get ready,
    but must already, be ready.
    For in the bosom of an eye
    You shall appear to recieve Your all
    unto Yourself
    our hearts desire Oh Lord
    is to be ready when You

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