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    (feat. Gangsta Boo)

    Yo,yo,wassup baby
    At the studio I'm almos finished
    Where you at? alright,I miss you too nigga
    Shit, I'm with K,I'm with KC and shit
    I'll be out there as soon as I get finished with
    This shit
    Alright, love you, miss you too

    [Pastor Troy:]
    Girl I'm wantin ,you,everyday I'm missin you
    Visions of me kissin you,goddamn I'm missin you
    I can't wait to cuddle,you already know what's up
    Soon as I jump out my truck,you was gon get
    Gangsta fucked
    Cause bayb girl I want you, close my eyes and
    Picture you
    Thinkin bout some freaky shit,me and my ol'
    Gangsta bitch
    Yeah boo I want you,wonder if you wantin me
    Takin you to ecstasy or whatever your destiny,
    Trust in me

    [Chorus: x2]
    Girl I want you,everyday I'm missin you
    Visions of me kissin you,goddamn I'm missin you
    Yeah boo I want you,wondeer if you wantin me
    Takin you to ecstasy or wateva your destiny,
    Trust in me

    [Pastor Troy:]
    Girl I want you,I could see your silhouette
    Tellin me your soakin wet,while we havin phone
    Better yet I'm on my way, I'ma do whatever you
    Where ever you tell me to kiss,I'ma spread
    Your legs like this
    Cause baby girl I'm wantin you,I can't get that
    Fast enough
    What the fuck you done did to me?I can't hit
    That that's enough
    Matter fact unlock that do',I'ma be there 'fore
    You know
    Turn on your radio and make sure it's somethin

    [Chorus x2]

    [Gangsta Boo:]
    I ain't with that nonsense,or that luvy-duvy mess
    I wanna fuck you nice and slow,[?] want some of
    That georgia dick
    Get you some of this Memphis wet,pussy cause it
    Be the best
    Smashin all across the bed,now I'm gonna give
    You head
    Nothin but sex is on my mind,so I'm not gon
    Waste ya time
    I'ma let you bang the pussy from the front and
    From behind
    Give it to me Pastor Troy,oh my God I love you
    I'ma make you sream my name,doin all kind of
    Freaky thangs
    You ain't gonna forget the mystic pleasure that
    I give to you
    Have yo ass lay back on the bed thinkin what
    Have I just done to you
    Think about me when you fuck yo bitch,close yo
    Eyes and imagine this
    I told you I ain't the type to get involved in
    Long relationships
    I just like when you lick between, man I feel
    Like I'm on lean
    Now yo got me so-so high,I'm glad we on
    Eachother team
    Fuck my nigga,fuck yo bitch,mayne we on some
    Other shit
    You wonderin,don't wonder mayne I love you and
    It's my dick

    [Chorus x2]

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