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    [Chorus (repeat 4x)]
    Nigga, I always keep my composure
    Often full of that doja
    Universal soldier
    I'm ready for war

    These niggas really got me trippin' with that bullshit
    My daddy, taught me no playin' in the pulpit
    So for the bullshit, I brought my goon squad
    Pass me my ammunition, and praise God
    Against all odds, I'll make these mothafuckas pay
    Lord give me the strength, to knock these niggas out my way
    Everyday I been prayin' for my chance
    A mean ass mug in a soldier stance
    I ain't come to dance, I came to crank this mothafucka up
    He think he the man you tell that nigga I said what
    Pastor nigga

    [Chorus (repeat 3x)]

    These niggas really got me trippin' on they videos
    They hard as hell, on the camera when I know they hoes
    They got their chest swole and then a bad bitch
    But where I'm from  y'all both will get yo ass kicked
    I'm talkin' mad shit, and I'mma back it up
    I got my AR-15 in the back of truck
    Put on my hard hat baby
    If they take me its worst cause I'mma hunt you baby
    'Til his whole world is cursed
    Ain't no reverse, it's not over
    The blessings of Jehovah
    Off in the, 600 drop with the all chrome motor
    And it's mine, paid out what you talkin' about
    I take a puff of my doja and I regain my composure

    [Chorus (repeat 4x)]

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