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    Verse 1: Pastor Troy

    I'm in my big body Benz,
    Riding with 4 of my friends
    Shoot a bird at them coppers,
    While blowing smoke in the wind
    Up out the window my flag
    I got my foot on the gas
    Then my yak on the dash
    Then we run up at yo ass
    Riding the streets of Atlanta
    Better take out the camera
    D.S.G.B. on my banner, raised high
    Until I die, bet I'ma through it up
    It's Pastor Troy, 2000, don't give a
    Throw up yo flags


    Throw yo flags up! 7x
    Come on you scared, you scared

    Verse 2: Pastor Troy

    I got them fifteen's pushing, trying to rip up the speaker
    Know that Pastor and Peter, on the hunt for the reaper
    Call ???, CMB got the world in a dro'
    We flexing hard in Atlanta, or we get the scope
    It's GA, Georgia Tech or Bulldog
    2nd seed we, and I'm bout to Boss Hog
    Atlanta to Augusta a hustla straight out the rip
    Them Georgia boys my army forever we stand equipped
    Ready for whatever you better go ask around
    We ain't bout to playground with ya, we cutting ya down
    A million little boys trying to sound like me
    Now everybody copying the one that dissed P
    A second prized G, but I ain't chicken
    Soon as you think I'm slippin you hear that pistol clickin'
    And I'ma try my best to eat yo ass for dinner
    Better throw up yo flag and tell me that you surrender
    Throw it up


    Throw yo flags up! (3x) yeah, yeah
    Throw yo flags up! (3x) come on you scared, you scared
    Throw yo flags up! (3x) yeah, yeah
    Throw yo flags up! (3x) come on you scared, you scared

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