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    [Pastor Troy talking]

    Down South Georgia Girls I love y'all
    Pastor Troy representing for them Down South Georgia Girls
    Y'all know what it is, D.S.G.G.

    [Verse 1:]

    Excuse me baby let me holla at ya right quick
    I see ya sitting by ya self, can I sit
    Been watching you since I jumped out the red six
    It's Pastor Troy little mama, I run shit
    I was just thinking if you got a minute for a nigga
    We grab a bite to eat, maybe let me kick it with ya
    I'ma be cool
    If ya wanna we can hit the pool, all at the house
    I know ya think this nigga is a fool
    I'm from the south if ya got a minute we can chill
    Do what ya like if ya don't baby keep it real
    What's up tonite
    I know ya like I ain't even told this boy my name
    But I love the way he kicking his game
    Then I got changed

    [Pastor Troy talking to woman]

    [Verse 2:]

    How many folks ya know will open up yo car do'
    You wanna smoke baby [inhaling smoke] its hydro
    I'm looking at ya cause it's cute how you inhale
    I think you gone fall in love with the ATL
    I got my hand in the middle of the console
    You know I wanna hold ya hand
    You gone tell me no
    If so, I'ma roll me up another beam
    You done smoked all my weed now you acting mean
    I'm coming clean
    Looking at her like I'm innocent
    So what's yo hobby how you feel about getting intimate
    We hit the lobby checking in to the Radisson
    Give me a suit now we chilling in the whirlpool
    Let's go to sleep we can freak on the next trip
    I know you drained I ain't coming on the sex tip
    I'm shooting game everything was to get to know ya
    Now if you'll excuse me I'll be rolling over
    And I still got changed

    [Pastor Troy talking to woman]

    [Verse 3:]

    I left that muthafucking ho on the top flo'
    I kissed on her forehead boo I got to go
    I'm making moves 22 fuck a real job
    All I think about is money I'm in a mob
    Hit the crib matching car with the outfit
    What should I do if she see me with the chrome kit
    The navy blue look at who got 'em turning heads
    And then every dime legit so who is the feds
    My eyes red cause I'm matched down cascade
    A little fine red girl said she wanna play
    I'm on the cell phone tripping baby where you stay
    This how we do it down here in the letter A
    And then I got changed

    [Pastor Troy with shoutouts to D.S.G.G.]

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