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    Pastor Troy:

    KD had called and gave me the word
    Said this nigga had ten birds, in Augusta for the week
    From the islands
    As soon as K told me this shit, I started smiling
    Cause all I could see was money piling
    Shit, on top of money
    Now, ??? with the money for the week, and Chesapeake
    The heat made my nigga take a break
    If I could catch all 10 of them bitches, and I don't look suspicious
    I'ma sell the fucking quart for the ?? the ha ha
    As I told K bye bye, he shot me advice
    If you gone do it nigga do it nigga, fuck thinking twice
    This is ya nigga for life
    Go fight 'em fire for fire
    Hit my hip when you finish said his calling card expired
    Hung up the phone, contemplating on who help me do it
    There's Kia and Jessica and then Rhonda truitt
    Now Jessica to stupid and Kia lie to much,
    I guess I'll take Rhonda, cause Rhonda don't give a fuck
    But first I got to pump her up
    I'm give her what, 10 g's
    Tell her if she really love me she would do this for me
    Eternally we'll be together for better or for worse
    But first we got to take these niggas to the hearse
    Burst in they shit, get the bricks come back out
    I'm be waiting in the chevy, you know I'm ready to take em' out
    If they front 'cha baby, come on, we make it we rich
    Come on, shit, Rhonda, my down ass bitch

    I'm the realist bitch
    I'm mo' realer than reality
    Fuck that dumb shit, it take nothing to a casualty

    Well I'm the realist bitch
    I'm mo realer than reality (well uh huh)
    Fuck that dumb shit (uh huh)
    It take nothing to a casualty (what)
    FBI be after me, quareter ki in my womanly (uh huh)
    Coming back from St. Croix
    First lady to Pastor Troy (well come on)-acapo

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