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    [Pastor Troy]

    I'm the muthafucking president (come on, come on) [3x]
    Watch how I represent

    [Verse 1:]

    From the land where the constitution stand while niggas stumbling
    Wondering, who is gone step up and stop the mumbling?
    We all complain for better things
    But who gonna bring the pain to make these muthafuckers shame
    They weigh
    My brother taught me that crime pays
    We run up in another nigga shit with a.k.'s and Mob thirds
    Who gone have the last word?
    Yo team or mine
    Why don't we just rob them crackers blind
    Quit being shine
    My mind upsets me cause niggas a stress me
    If yo ass don't wanna be set free,
    Don't hinder me
    I can see it from a mile away
    I hate these muthafuckers
    But I love the game they play
    Like they so innocent
    I know them fucking crackers bent
    Cause niggas bent too
    Look at all I been through
    And I'm still running
    Grab yo gun and grab yo bullet proof
    But do not come if you ain't gone put yo shit to use
    Cause this a muthafucking war

    [Hook: 4x]

    Uncle Sam what's yo ransom
    I got yo nieces
    Please, don't make me blow these ho's to pieces
    Cause they increasing

    [Verse 2:]

    Uncle Sam what's yo ransom
    Tell me what's up
    Got a message for the Pentagon
    You fucking up
    50 bucks and a canteen
    Dogding the trap never will I join the army bitch!
    Don't make me laugh
    It's war
    My niggas is burning and giving in
    Either you roll with them or they throw you in the pin
    To win, was all I ever wanted to do
    Would you do it for me (No)
    Then I can't do it for you
    A soulja buddy, I was born on the base
    Uncle Sam want who?, Get the fuck up out my face
    The case is closed
    I can't be treated like a ho
    No push-ups, no sit-ups, I tell ya hell no
    I been in the army 22 years to today
    I rock my fatigues, I rock my muthafucking yay
    I sweep on the bump and let it rid e on y'all punks
    The streets my army and I been ready off the jump
    Muthafuckers I'ma soulja

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