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    Saturday night yeah, 112,  yeah, take my girl straight to ballie thats pastor troy hey baby hey white mic seduct ba na drink for pastor. you can get with you like too. bjg is off the block boo. with my fresh twist. yeah im like this whats up baby they playin our song let me see that thong.she is off the chain yeah you so bad you dont wanna go with me we can go crash in my bath. cause u

    ~!*  hook*!~
    off the chain yeah damn fool Where u been all my life time? let me fuck you till the sunshine. ah ha!  off the chain yeah  damn fool where u been all my life time let me fuck you till the sunshine ah ha!off the chain  

    yeah sure is high hills pumpin gouchie bag kissing my ear and callin me dad.we ballin out  yeah another round baby girl im so impressed now what the hell is under that dress. shes a brick house. damn dirty south licked her lips gave me a smile if i was a chick id have ur child she is too fine shes a dime all i smell is chanell allure baby girl skin is so smooth its so pure whats up baby lets go for a stroll yeah thats me in a 2004  all white boot let a pocket full of loot baby girl kick off them boots and lets ride.


    whats up fool(pimpin)we at home you know what time it is you know whats on whats ur zodiac whats ur sign tell me what u like to do with ur spare time whats up baby you go a man? u can tell me ill under stand any children?you got a girl she ur heart she your world where u been all my life time doin your  thing i like that ma you off the chain where your hot spot what cha like do you think that you can handle this all night cause you off the chain yeah damn fool where you been all my life time wlet me fuck you till the sunshine ah ha! (repeat)

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