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    [Verse 1]
    Now who the fuck wouldn't be fucked up
    In the city where crack sells and clientele never tell yo life
    A nigga beats his wife, damn it's hurting me
    But I can't help her man the way this grind be working me
    Dodging the narc's
    Cop's pulling up they fuck with us
    Cause we on our corner
    Can't tell 'em what I wanna
    If I do I'ma gonna
    They leave put they just ride the block
    I serve my rocks, bump 'em out before they next stop
    Fake ass cops
    Why the fuck these niggas fuck with me
    Muthafucker, I'm the one that pay ya salary
    Don't get fired
    Green making me so tired
    Telling they stories, chasing money so I let them bore me
    I know you could have been
    All I say is should of been
    Fuck reminiscing nigga how many hits ya getting
    So I can hit the house
    Try to smoke a ounce
    Let the weed protect me
    From everything I see in this fucked up reality

    [Hook: repeat 4X]
    I'm bout to move to Mars y'all
    The world a mess

    [Verse 2]
    So I'm stuck to fearing of myself
    I'm nineteen going on death
    I should've left when I was born
    Cutting ambilical's
    The doctor should've cut my arm, right at my vein
    The pain make's me smoke the reefer
    Helps me relax
    It helps me really see this shit, I face the facts
    I act like I'm loving life, then I act fo' real
    Nigga's is getting shot, nigga's is getting killed
    But still nothing's done
    Questions asking me how--can I sell to my people
    My people won't help me out
    I'm pissed but I can't pout
    Nothing change cause I'm mad
    Understand life comes and goes
    So I guess it's a fad
    I often had to little, simulator my friend
    So you can't hate me or this game I'm in
    I have been with out a damn dime
    And it's fucked up, cause it's happened more than one time
    Therefore I grind
    I find myself angry
    November 18, God let this world claim me
    Against my wishes
    But this is how a nigga do ya
    Once ya born, it's like the Lord never knew ya (cause why)
    Cause this hell
    Ya either sell or ya getting sold
    Like we some slaves
    Though they say that we free, it's the same shit today
    A better way, don't lie to me
    The realest nigga
    All I can see is reality
    God told me.

    [Hook: repeat 8X]
    I'm bout to move to Mars y'all
    The world a mess

    [Verse 3]
    I've seen enough
    It's like I'm seeing the same shit again
    Nothing but thugs as friends
    Pretend it's cool
    Yeah, pretends it alright
    And this nigga begged me for food for the third night-in a row
    I didn't know that my own was so hungry
    I wonder if I was a bum would my people disown me
    Rather lonely, but than again hell we all alone
    To keep me from snapping
    I'm acting up on this songs
    The wrong damn nigga
    The wrong damn time
    The right brand of liquor
    The right size dime
    I blaze and hit the hennesy
    And I realize, this world wasn't meant for me

    [Hook: repeat until fade]
    I'm bout to move to Mars y'all
    The world a mess

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