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    Hook: Male singer

    Look what I'm going thru 16x

    Verse 1: T Mac

    I was sitting at the table while popping on my yego
    Dual off in my Chevy got me loose finna let go
    And I got 'em ducking finna buck 'em
    Shaking bitches off with fire when I'm lucking
    Murder keep me fiending for a pill in the kill and I steel when I ratter
    tatter tatter
    Watch her body splatter cause it really doesn't matter
    If I gotta I'ma pop her and the clip gone stop her
    Ena Forina sipping on a Zima
    Smoke cut it out
    How you live about
    Bitches in the South
    Women in the South
    Where my yams and my chicken and my color I'm picking,
    I'm picking, I'm choosing,
    I'm losing my mind my niggas is all of the time
    Dope than I choke
    Coughing the smoke
    So I be like fuck that dope
    Let's go bump a dime
    Fuck with my mind
    Keeping the nine all of the time
    I'm chiefing pine, chiefing pine, chiefing pine, chiefing pine
    Fuck what a nigga say he gone do
    I represent BulletProof
    And I been down since '92
    Y'all don't know what I done been thru

    Hook: Male singer

    Look what I'm going thru 16x

    Verse 2: Pastor Troy

    Shit all I got is a bunch of problems and other stress
    In the land where a little man must wear a vest
    Settle for less
    But I got lesser
    Got this bitch that ain't shit and God won't bless her
    Won't slow me down
    Front this ho around let's be fo' real
    Kill or be killed
    I got feelings but I still can't feel
    Hungry for meals
    And until I can say I got it
    I'ma go take these crackers hostage at they college
    That's Higher Learning
    Blunt burning gone help me see
    The realn

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