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    Troy:What that shit talking  
    Guy:Uh Pastor Troy  
    Troy:Get the fuck away from my motherfuckin door  
    Guy:(Knocking on door)This P nigga I'mma sign you up nigga  
    Troy:I do not feel like being disturbed  
    Guy:That D.S.G.B. album was straight my nigga  
    Troy:Will you please get away from my motherfuckin door  
    Troy:I'll probly let your ass in  
    Nigga and I ain't never going to the door,without my peice  
    I don't know who's on the other side,you get a peice  
    And If I do just happen to die,fuck that shit  
    I hope they burry me and drop me quick  
    I getting sick,  
    Thinkin bout my so called enemies,till I explode  
    Grab the motherfucking 45,it's lock and load  
    And all these other pussy motherfuckers,they in danger  
    It's the wrong nigga to anger  
    The fucking dope  
    Slanger showed me how to do,whatI got to do  
    In this industry to make a livin  
    While all of my intensions was to avoid the prison  
    I'm still listenin for the Lord to tell me that I'm forgiven  
    I'm drivin to the point of no return  
    Where water burn  
    I learn that nobody out here really gives a danm  
    I know I sell dope,I know I bust on bitches but from bitches  
    So my nigga shit I am who I am  
    And Yay  
    Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,Its pitch black so  
    the shadow is a scene,  
    I hear a faint voice red alert  
    Fuck that dirt and who you hurt  
    Young nigga persue your dreams  
    I started sellin dope when I was younger  
    What would you choose  
    Sell motherfuckin dope or hunger  
    It's up to you  
    But for me and the route I chose it wasn't my chioce  
    Who's opinion who I need to voice  
    Just thank about it you's that nigga with no family  
    Ain't got no money  
    So you cant afford no saminy  
    They thank it's funny  
    So you run across the tech 9 to kill the laughin  
    Then they say they can't believe this happen  
    Actions speak louder than words this counries yelling  
    And do we go to Heaven or Hell it ain't no telling  
    I put my trust in God and whats the odds of who's the saver  
    Fuck em please come back savior  
    Cuz it's like this I don't speak so they fuck my shit  
    And now I'm faced with these crimes that I aint commit  
    And It's fucked up cuz them bitches be the main ones  
    They wanna stick a nigga for some shit they say he done  
    These motherfuckers talking all about my danm fun  
    While toting guns, death is gonna be the outcome  
    For all them niggaz, drink my liquor put my trust in God  
    I know that I must beat the odds, but this shit is hard  
    I disregard everything that they taught in school  
    With no diploma making move nigga who's the fool  
    As I sit with my strategy the game begin  
    And the Lord take my life from me I crack a grin  
    Ha, Ha, Ha  
    To friends tha missed the smiling  
    Have no remorse nigga me and Jesus wildin, like thugs  
    Cheifing leaves, and drinkin Hennessy  
    Like on the corner  
    Picture God feelin marijuana  
    As I relax and devilish demonds disapear  
    I got the feeling that a nigga gonna love it here  
    I take ya Biblical  
    Yall stay crunk off Mystikal  
    Stay crunk off of P  
    As long as motherfuckin Georgia can listen to me  
    We Ready<17x>(till song fades)  
    talking:we ready nigga we aint giving a fuck about nobody,cuz we aint got  
    shit to loose, I aint got shit, I aint jealous of these little lame  

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