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    What's up baby, you know what time it is,
    Come here,
    Yea come here baby.

    I wanna taste you, (ooohhhh)
    'cause you look so good to me. x2
    (Ohhh babah)
    P.T. baby
    Fuckin jeazy
                                     Verse One
    Now im jus sittin here, watchin my, baby in her lingerie,
    Im kissin her, holdin her, listenin to 12 play,
    And im sunk in one, hopin one, day she could be wifey.
    Thugged up from da flo up but hell dats why she like it,
    So politely, I asked her, why does she love da pastor?
    Did she love me combo or was it just my condo?
    She answered me, pronto, why don't you believe me?
    If you don't believe me then motha fucka leave it.
    I loved it, her answer; it killed me like a cancer.
    All I could do is smile; she knew it the whole while,
    I could see you wit my child, look me in my face boo,
    How can I replace you? Baby, I wanna taste you.

    I wanna taste you,
    (Said I wanna taste you babah)
    'cause you look so good to me. (Wohhwohh)
    (I wanna taste you baby)
    I wanna taste you,
    'cause you look so good to me,

    Verse two baby,
                               Verse Two

    Very few sights, Light da lights, how you light em up,
    Love how we fuck, love when I get my dick sucked,
    What tis up? Layback down, you know im gon hold you down,
    Got dat thang all nice and shaved, im bout'a let my tounge cave,
    Lickin ha neck, lickin ha ear, girl don't run bring yo ass here,
    Lickin her spine makin her cringe, then I suck her titties, then
    Lick around her belly ring, ('cause) imma bout'a do da thing,
    Kissin on her thigh, as I listen to r Kelly sing,
    12 play soft, in the back-ground it's goin down,
    I just feel her finga tips, every time I lick her lips,
    She grabbin on my dreads, im cummin out dat head,
    And gon give her breakfast in bed?. that's my baby.
    I wanna taste you,
    (I wanna taste you baby! yeahhh)
    'cause you look so good to me.
    (Said you look so good baby Ahhhhahhaahaahaa)

    I wanna taste you,
    (I wanna taste you baby! Yeahhhwoohhh)
    'cause you look so good to me.
    (Wheneva you want it baby. yeahhawohhh)

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