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    Raise Me a soldier
    Artist:PASTOR TROY
    Song Title:Raise me a soldier Track #10

    Talking before the Song:

    I can't wait to have a son, Lil PT Nigga, Lil Pastor Troy
    (Its gonna be real)
    Anybnody can be a daddy, it take a real man to be a father, (this dedicated to all them niggaz takin care of they responsibility it's on...keep it real).
    I think back home how i was raised, and how it is now, and i'm Half the man.
    Man i'm played the fuck out,
    And i can't do nothin bout it
    My pop pushed me when i pouted,
    Then he grabbed me and shouted
    Nigga thugz make this earth revolve,
    All the simple shit that these mothafukaz can't solve..we forgotten
    Now i aint gon' spoil you rotten, you's a punk if you's a nigga
    While punks pull pranks us real niggaz pull triggers
    And i figure that like father, like son..fuk the pack man, lets buy the 50 pack and a gun
    Don't mean to take away yo fun, what's mo fun than money
    And even when you move  a-tons pay yo tides on sunday
    Lets understand that the big man is Jesus Christ
    Give him repect and them devils can't fuck wit yo life
    Cause they'll entice you wit anything, bitches and broads wit bright ideas
    Nigga...close yo ears or yo money dissapear, took me years fo i'd seen the light
    And i'ma tell my son his great-father was right, like my father sat me down now sit down my boy
    And make him understand what it means to be a Troy
    And let the burdains i experienced make him laugh
    But at the same time, let my baby clear his path
    And all the math that them crakaz gonna teach in school, i teach him home
    Teach him shit he would have neva know,
    I teach him how to clip the dope and how to chop his rocks
    I do it all for tha ship off tha old block..cause dats my blood

    I'ma raise me a soldier, a soldier. I'ma raise me a soldier..a soldier, put my faith in Jahovah..Jahovah, teach me how to raise my soldier, my soldier!

    My son, the one that's gon' take over the throne, and he'll me atone
    When them bustaz doin wrong, it's bound to happen
    And i can see him laughing at trials and tribulations
    Holla'in at the hoes help them wit they situations
    Manipulation..? come on he'll be like me
    And when niggaz knock his shit, he gon' tell em wit the quick
    There's a million ways to get to the top of the mountain
    But the view is all the same, so fuck it i'ma a slang
    He gone understand the his name the game bendin all the rules
    So prove the move you make, cause nigga dats yo fate
    Gon' take a few mistakes but as long as he learn
    Even the bird didn't know, just go get the worm
    And he gonna earn mo blessings, his blessings teach his son,
    His son gonna teach his boy, and reunions we'll enjoy
    The visions of a Troy President of this nation
    Brings a tear to my eye..What thugz aint 'pose to cry?
    I rely on my intuition, and my position, God gon' bring me to a stong position
    Now would ya'll listen, that the cristian and i cry for days, another child.
    To raise him to the worldly ways..dats my blood

    I'ma raise me a soldier, a soldier. I'ma raise me a soldier..a soldier, put my faith in Jahovah..Jahovah, teach me how to raise my soldier, my soldier!

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