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    Ha Ha Haa Ha Ha Ha HA Ha Ha Ha
    Come on cuz, we almost there
    We almost there cuz
    Goddamn, where the finish line?


    Fuck this shit, I need some cheese
    And I need the cookie and the nestle
    If I have to kill then God bless me
    All these pussy motherfuckers, they shouldn't have test me
    Left me looking like the villain , I was thinking of ending
    Nobody knew what I was going through
    All these motherfuckers saying what they gonna do
    But then again all these motherfuckers ain't true
    So who am I gonna trust, am I going on and bust
    Myself nigga, damn this shit
    Fuck riding round' nigga, fuck being rich
    I can't take it, the shit to thick
    And it ain't my fault
    So I ought to give the motherfucker telling lies to me
    Hey the say, what it's gonna be, but empty pockets all I goddamn see
    D-E-F, no ones left, then again, shit no ones right
    I'm a kill my damn self the night
    I get fear, it ain't my fault he couldn't fight
    It ain't like, when I motherfucking die, this whole world gonna fall apart
    But it's a race, and I got a bad heart
    Breath in the mouth, and I got a head start

    I'm running for nothing, I'm running for nothing (7x)
    So I'm gonna kill myself

    A motherfucker tellin' me what he gonna do
    When I knew the motherfucker wouldn't do shit
    A nigga tease you, then a nigga leave you
    Cause he heard that the shit done got thick, punk bitch
    I'm in the mood for cocaine
    The only thing I see when a nigga look
    Come and get the baking soda, let me split the powder open
    Then I got this dope when the shit cook
    What it took for me to really understand if it really don't matter
    What the fuck you been through
    If a motherfucker see you doin' better, my nigga I'm here to tell ya'
    Motherfuckers gonna hate you
    Not a clue, If I really wanna new motherfucking 22.
    Two years was that far away
    I never would have had a chance and would have killed Pastor Troy on yesterday


    This heaven, where the streets of gold, and why the hell is the a/c off
    Where the fuck, all the loved ones that I lost
    Fuck this shit, take me to the boss
    Do you understand the cost, ever paid
    In order for me to be here tonight
    Nigga what's up, something ain't right
    Tell the Lord to turn on the damn light
    Feeling like an angel when I take flight
    Shit, as I try I'm on the damn mic
    All my pounds tune out my damn sight
    Look, why the fuck I was packed so tight
    Nigga I ain't Mike I'm Micah
    Think I'm in the wrong spot
    Not only do I have on black, it's too hot
    But why my K motherfucker ain't shot
    I got those halos, hello, motherfucker shit nigga, I'm talking to you
    Slap the clip in the tech 22.
    Let the shit fly going straight through
    Now I got a clue, where the fuck I'm at
    Shawty want the tech and a nigga want the bud
    Nigga just bleedin', motherfucker out of blood
    Looking at me smilin', asking me what
    I got cuts, but cuts got down
    Everyday shit I can't tell
    Went from dwellin' in hell on earth, now I'm living inhaling hell

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