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    I look in your eyes and I can see
    We've loved so dangerously
    And you're not trusting your heart to anyone
    You tell me you're gonna play it smart
    But we're through before we start
    I believe that we've only just begun

    When it's this good, there's no saying no
    I want you so, I'm ready to go

    Through the fire, to the limit, to the wall
    For a chance to be with you
    I'd gladly risk it all
    Through the fire
    Through whatever, come what may
    For a chance at loving you
    I'd take it all the way
    Right down to the wire
    Even through the fire

    I know you're afraid of what you feel
    You still need time to heal
    And I can help if you'll only let me try
    You touch me and something in me knew
    What I could have with you
    I'm not ready to kiss that dream goodbye

    When it's this sweet, there's no saying no
    I want you so, I'm ready to go


    Even through the fire
    Even through the fire...

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