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    I just remember that time at the market
    Snuck up behind me and jumped on my shopping cart
    Then rolled down Isle 5
    You looked behind you, you smiled back at me
    Crashed into a rack full of magazines
    They asked us if we could leave
    I can't remember what went wrong last September
    Though I'm sure you'll remind me if you had to
    Our love was comfortable and so broken in
    I'll sleep with this new girl I'm still getting used to
    My friends all approve, say "she's gonna be good for you"
    They threw me high fives
    And she says the Bible was all that she reads
    Prefers that I not use profanity
    Your mouth was so dirty
    Life at the party and she swears that she's artsy
    But you could distinguish Miles from Coltrane
    Our love was comf'table and so broken in
    She's perfect, so flawless, or so, so they say
    So they say
    She thinks I can't see the smile that she's fakin'
    And poses for pictures that aren't been takin'
    I love you: grey sweat pants, no makeup, so perfect
    Our love was comf'table and so broken
    She's perfect, so flawless, I'm not, not impressed
    I want you, want you, want you back
    Want you, want you back

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