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    Colour Blind

       Feeling Blue
       Well I'm trying to forget the  
       feeling that I miss you.
       Feeling green
       When the jealousy sweels and it
       would go away and dreams
       Feeling yellow
       I'm confused inside a little
       Hazy but mellow

       When I feel your eyes on me,
       Feeling fine, its sublime
       When that smile of yours
       creeps into my mind.

       Nobody told me it feels so good
       Nobody said you would be
       so beautiful
       Your the light
       Your the light
       When I close my eyes
       I'm colour blind.

       Feeling red
       When you spend all your time
       with your friends and not me instead
       Feeling black
       When I think about all of the things
       that I feel I lack
       Feeling jaded
       When its not gone right
       All the colours are faded.
         (bridge) (Chorus)

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