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    what's yours dad?


    yeah, but what's it called?

    to join us and help work on god's plan to make the world a better place

    for our families and future generations

    why aren't we what they be?

    where's our sitcom family?

    where's the perfect boy or girl?

    where's our happy meal?

    where's our identity?

    your foot is in the door

    what the hell

    we don't care

    we're safe in our four walls

    what's happened to our spirit?

    it's withered, sick and grey

    been scared into blind worship

    i can't see any other way

    but the problems, they keep arising

    we're hurt, we're unfulfilled

    "the peasants are getting restless"

    we're sick of pushing shit uphill

    when the substance of this system wears too thin

    let's kick it in

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