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    should we debate significance

    or would it leave us too small

    'cause it could take some time to linger

    -pushing us to a fall

    pausing to initiate

    around and around

    in trance we heard a dirty word

    in dance we scream the sound

    let the selfish become selfless

    ok, it's a start

    worlds in worlds

    not you at its heart

    please could you just slow dowm

    please just slow it dowm

    i'm going to fast

    i'm not built to last

    around and around


    it's the end of an age my friend

    the end of an age

    the struggle of millions pull - push back

    twist and tiptoe

    don't fall through a crack

    once you heard the lie of life

    theres no coming back


    twist, twist, twist

    from the head to the hand

    from a palm to a fist

    crawl, crawl without all

    so we twist

    gonna take it all apart

    gonna take this piece away from me

    your level-headed theories

    your hot headed cries

    head to toe

    right me wrong

    but just don't say no

    wind me up

    i'll be ready to go

    but then who's face

    yours of mine

    gonna rip this fucker out

    i'm gonna tear this piece away from me

    i'm gonna bring it down to its knees

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