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    Ain't ashamed to cry

    Sometimes it feels just good enough

    To feel something

    Ain't afraid to try

    Well I fail as good as anybody else

    Lost interest in politics

    When they talk it bores me to the brain

    So this is modern living?

    The more the choice

    The more things stay the same

    But, when it comes to you

    I must admit I'm at a lost

    I'm so confused

    And when it comes to you

    I don't know how you do what you do

    But I like it

    Offer up the fantastic

    I'm sick from all this plastic glamour

    Become a social spastic

    No need to walk through your front door no more

    Market youth their uniform

    If it's so wicked why don't you wear it too

    I'm a mass media casaulty

    From taking advice

    from people that don't have a clue

    Sometimes it feels just good enough

    to feel something

    You make me feel good enough to scream

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