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    the night speeds though at its breakneck pace

    gotta run to keep up, gotta keep on the case

    and the people that you meet

    well they're speeding too

    i get up, i get in a cab

    the driver says he loves his wife, she's in the slammer

    he's got some advice 'cause i'm new here

    we're in the land, We're in the land

    the land of everything and nothing at all

    Wait till it takes you by the hand

    its got it all, but it's got no soul!

    we're in the land, la la la land

    the land of everything and nothing at all

    i'm sorry, i do not understand

    finally get to the place where i'm supposed to be

    i met a girl and a girl met me

    and she's lets me in on

    just how to see the light here

    she says her life was in disarray,

    till she found these pills that took the pain away

    wait a minute, something's not quite right

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