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    feel at the edge of reason

    I get strung out

    feel like I'm going nowhere

    and then you wind me up

    just like you did before

    gotta thrill, gotta chill, gotta spill

    so I can rise again

    just like everybody else


    question mark? full-stop.

    this process is powerless

    there's no way to the top

    get fucked up just to fill me up

    or so I tell myself

    and this makes me wonder

    process to order

    Every now and then

    right place, right time

    get going with the flow of things

    and I'm feeling fine

    (it's alright)

    getting back to basics

    (ah ha)

    back to the common mind

    (it's alright)

    got a chance to rise above

    got a chance to be myself!

    (ah ha)

    just like everybody else

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