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    Put your clock back for the winter

    She asks when I'll be home again?

    If I could see those eyes

    I know they'd cut me down to size

    You're not here, when I need you

    So sit and wait

    And bend and break

    You rise and fall

    Just you, that's all

    I'm here, you're there

    It don't mean I don't care

    I'm so sorry I was miles away

    It's been a day of tiny triumphs

    It's been a week spent in despair

    You can't send it down a phone line

    I do my best, but i'm not there

    So sleep and wake

    And dream up your fate

    And rise and fall

    Watch you grow tall

    I'm here you're there

    But you should know I still love you

    When I am miles away

    I'll be home again

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