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    See that sky through the window, that sky for me

    But I got to learn to breathe water before I get that high

    And all that is pure, through all that is meaningless

    Strike the balance

    Strip back to the core

    And it's too late now, I'm much too far gone

    To get a hold of my security and the cloud that I flew from

    And I'm ready to start now, this is what I waited for

    And the vision it brings such a beautiful thing

    That I'm brought to my knees as I finally learn to breathe

    See that face in the mirror

    Past bone and skin and into the heart of me

    I celebrate this bleeding

    If that's what scares you

    If that's what's pulling you down

    Then its time you stop deceiving

    'cause it's too late now

    I just can't go on

    Holding out on myself what and what I could become

    And I'm ready to start now

    I will 'cause I can

    I gotta get up

    I gotta get up

    Get off my knees...Get up...I will stand

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