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    all along the way

    you been scratching your name deep in us

    we're nothing save

    lets just say...distracted

    when questioned it's delay or defuse

    beaten down again

    it's nothing new

    i'd bring you with me

    if you were human too

    but i'm face to face with this silicon wall

    hold the truth like steel

    don't want to lose what i feel

    when every breath seems real

    pump me full of happy medium

    we want something more

    we the brighter, faster, harder generation

    are coming knocking at your door

    hacking down your door

    i know we can make it

    i know that if we try

    they'll fall

    i just can't take it any more

    another, another with nothing apart

    come back along the way

    been erasing your name out of me

    now i'm not safe

    let's just say i'm free

    mould our thoughts like clay

    then send us off on our way

    this is the price we pay for our fear

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