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    borrowed reason

    that taste stirs nothing in me

    and the only way to get by

    is being built into this wall

    yeah it's a copout

    standing still to please your doubt

    and for years in a snare

    we're so sorry we left out your reason to crawl

    so sit down vacuum child get sucked in

    desensitize, stand up

    direct feed in through your eyes

    but now your looking the wrong way

    why play not wanting anymore

    the first bites the best

    so you leave the rest

    lying face down like a razor


    good evening clapper loader

    you should override the writer

    making stories fold because truths are told

    in better ways than these

    believe me - i could show you if I had something to show

    but your histories been bound and gagged

    and the pattern thats ingrained tells you to...

    crawl into yourself

    safe Inside your cage

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