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    Wrapped up. Spat out in your self doubt

    Should I rip my heart out

    Pack it up and send it to you

    Things said in anger

    Said for gain

    Said to cut down

    I'll never hear again

    Well a part of me sees it all too clear

    But another part still burns

    For the safety, for the comfort

    But our hate outgrew our love and ate it

    I can see it started years ago

    And I recognise your pain

    But I can't forget the innocence

    That you've taken from me

    Now I see you

    But I can't hear you

    No - I can't hate you

    No - And I don't want to break you down

    There's just some things that I want to tell you

    Now that you're not hear to drown me out

    I've just got to break through

    I collect the poison as it spills from your mouth

    Savour the taste so that I may work you out

    When affection becomes affliction

    Let it go

    Been watching for far too long

    Far too long to get this wrong

    I've got the scars to prove it

    Snap straight back and I'm here to use it

    Delay the memory of the facts and what's outside

    Left with your mind, the only place to hide

    'cause your so bitter inside

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