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    Come a little closer now.
    Feel it kinda freak you out.
    All the time it's getting closer and closer.
    Stuck in a kaleidoscope, right about to lose control
    When I feel a hand on my shoulder.

    Turn around to look- it's gone.
    Call it superstition but all my thoughts spin me around to you.
    What became of you we may never know.

    Finally found your wings and you gave it all to watch over me.
    Finally found your wings and now your song plays on in me...on in me.

    Find it irresistible
    To pull the plug on logical,
    And wonder how to live for the moment.
    Who is lost and what's been found.
    When and where and why we're down to resist the best explanation,
    You know it.



    Time here is up.  Floating away. Maybe it won't come back.
    Dust chasing out heels, droplets of rain falling so gracefully.
    Time pulled you away but now the emergency can wait.


    Your song plays on in me.

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